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Getting Started

If you want to find out more information about our programs, contact Canadian Aviation College and schedule a meeting with our staff or feel free to ask any questions.

If you are interested in our flight school, we recommend you book a ½ hour introductory flight—this will take you through a complete cycle of flight training and you will get a solid feel of the caliber of training staff, the quality of our aircraft, and training environment.

Getting Started
Student Loan


Private and Government Student Loan

Government loans are restricted to advanced pilot training such as CPL, and only cover a small set number of weeks. Private bank loans are less restrictive and can be applied to initial private pilot licence training. We can provide the necessary documents for local students who want to apply for student loans. For more information about this topic, please visit the website:

Students studying CPL and Instructor rating programs are eligible for student loans through our Student Financial Aid Partner Portal. Please login to the link provided to continue with the application.

To download the Policy Manual for StudentAidBC, please click here.

If you want more information regarding government student loans, please see the following link:



Private Loans

The most common form of private student loan is a line of credit, which is offered by most private lending institutions in Canada.  The advantage of private loans is that they are fully funded – meaning that they can cover the full cost of your training. Private loans can be used to cover the costs of Private Pilot License training (which is the prerequisite for Commercial Pilot Licence training).  By comparison, government student loans are not available for Private Pilot Licence training. These can only be used for the Commercial Pilot License, Multi-engine Class Rating, Instrument Rating, and Instructor Rating.


Lastly, private loans are not affected by the number of dependents a student has or does not have. In the case of government loans, students without dependents receive considerably less than students with a spouse and children.


Canadian Aviation College doesn't offer loans, scholarship or financial aids for students.

Student Loan


Let us find you the best place for you.

At Canadian Aviation College we provide everything our students need. If you would like us to find the right place for you, just let us know. Additional fees will apply.

Find a place online.

You always have the option to find a place by yourself, there are a lot of websites that will help you with this. Here are a few:


  • Canada Rentals

  • CraigsList

  • Kijiji

Medical Examination for International Students:

Transport Canada requires all aviation personnel to hold a valid medical certificate issued by an approved Transport Canada medical examiner.


Click below to find a list of all certified medical examiners that can perform the exam:

In the case of absence of an approved doctor near your location, the exam can be done upon arrival in Canada.

In order to make sure you will be able to pass the examination, you can talk to your physician to check your health prior to your journey to Canada. Here is an examination report that they can base their examination on:


Additionally, your doctor can access the Transport Canada Civil Aviation Medicine - FAQs to learn about how our examiners assess specific medical conditions.

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