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Attendance Policy:

Attendance is mandatory in order to facilitate effective learning, as well as ensure all CAC resources are allocated fairly amongst students. Therefore, it is mandatory that all students arrive ready and on time for any scheduled training sessions. Successful completion of any training is dependent on not only the training delivery and quality, but also on the student attending all required ground and flight training sessions. Therefore, CAC considers a poor attendance record to be a record of less than 95% attendance of all scheduled sessions within a 2-month period. Attendance at all ground school training sessions will be recorded via a paper or an electronic ground school tracking system, and attendance of all flight training sessions is recorded via Flight Schedule Pro and the Pilot Training Record.
If a student is unable to attend a scheduled training session, the student is required to inform CAC by directly contacting an Instructor or by calling company Dispatch.

CAC maintains a record of all cancelled or missed training sessions; any observed trends of flagrant cancellations may result in training suspension or termination.
Extenuating circumstances, such as illness, bereavement or other circumstances outside of the student’s control, will be dealt with on an individual basis by the CFI.
Cancellation/No Show Policy
With the above attendance requirements in mind:
• Any students can cancel a flight without a valid operational reason with more than 24 hours advance notice. This enables CAC to reschedule and utilize resources.

• Within 24 hours, a student may cancel a flight with a valid operational reason (e.g. sickness, no means of transportation, fatigue etc.).
• When notice has not been provided and a student fails to show up for a scheduled flight, a no-show fee equal to the scheduled flight time of the flight and ground briefing rates will be applied to the student’s account.
• Students are expected to arrive at least 45 - 30 minutes prior to the scheduled booking time with all relevant documents (e.g. Completed assignments, appropriate lesson plan, permit and medical certificate, complete weather briefing, Pre-flight inspection, and flight plan (if applicable))

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