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Canadian Aviation College is well positioned to fulfill a market shortage of pilots and a growing need for professionals in the aviation industry.

Canadian Aviation College offers diploma and modular aviation programs  for all students.

Select the desired program in the drop down menu.

Private pilot licenCe

Training focuses on providing the knowledge and skills required to qualify for a

Private Pilot License

Tuition Fee:  15,325.00

Night Rating

Training focuses on providing the knowledge and skills required to qualify for a

Night Rating

Tuition Fee:  $5,510.00

commercial pilot License

The CPL program builds the student’s experience, knowledge and skills up to the Transport Canada Standard set for commercial pilots

Tuition Fee:  $50,050.00

Multi Engine Rating

Students will learn to operate an aircraft powdered by more than one engine

Tuition Fee:  $10,950.00

 Instrument Rating

Students will obtain a Group 1 instrument rating and, combined with a Commercial Pilot License, will be qualified to begin a rewarding career as a professional pilot

                                     Dual Engine $12,740.00

                                     Single Engine $8,810.00

Instructor Rating

Candidates will receive the instruction and practice required to meet the high standard set by Transport Canada for qualification as a class 4 flight instructor.

Tuition Fee:  $20,825.00

English Proficiency for international students


The International Civil Aviation Organization's Aviation Language Proficiency Standard ensures that pilots and air traffic controllers are competent to perform aviation radio communications in English.

Transport Canada’s Aviation Language Proficiency Demonstration (ALPD) checks aviation language ability in English and/or French. Demonstration and licensing requirements are based on:

To learn about the latest standards, read the Advisory Circular – The Conduct of Aviation Language Proficiency Demonstrations.

Please click on this link to read more about it:

Medical Examination for International Students:

Transport Canada requires all aviation personnel, including student pilots, to hold a valid medical certificate issued by an approved Transport Canada medical examiner.


Here you can find a list of all certified medical examiners that can perform the exam:


If there is not an approved doctor near your location, the exam can be done upon arrival in Canada.

To determine whether, or not, you will qualify for the appropriate medical certification, you should consult your physician prior to your journey to Canada.


Here is an examination report upon which your physician may base his/her examination:


Additionally, your doctor can access the Transport Canada Civil Aviation Medicine - FAQs to learn more about how our examiners assess specific medical conditions.

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