Leaders of our team of experienced and multicultural professionals are always ready to help our students achieve their goals


John Ling


Dr. John Ling is president of Canadian Aviation College (CAC). He is a galvanizing leader with broad experience in the aviation industry and the post-secondary sector.

Mr. Ling’s portfolio included corporate relations, community engagement, communications, marketing, and community planning. Additionally, he was involved with extensive engagements in business, industry, and the community. As the president of CAC, Mr. Ling led a new vision and led strategies for internationalization, international business development, community engagement, social innovation, student-oriented entrepreneurship, and knowledge mobilization.


Amal Khalil

Vice President

 Amal is highly motivated and committed to making her life’s style at work to facilitate constructive change in people’s lives. A particular strength of Amal is establishing rapport. She is adept at motivating people to overcome their personal obstacles. Amal helps people set goals and cope with changes. Amal has successfully built organizations from the start-up phase — all as part of her focus to foster positive change.


YongJun Rhee

Chief Flight Instructor

-Chief Flight Instructor

-Class 1 Flight Instructor Rating

-Multi IFR Instructor

-Chief Educational Administrator

-Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)

-Bachelors in Art, Simon Fraser University

thumbnail_Mehran Pic.jpg

Mehran Abshar


Forty-plus years worked as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer on different Types of Aircraft, including American and European Types Helicopters and Specialized on helicopter`s dynamic Components Overhaul, Trained and certified at relevant components Manufacturers such as Bell, Robinson, and Euro copter.


Bote Sha

Assistant Chief Flight Instructor

Class 2 Flight Instructor


Saadeq Aldoulah

Class 3 Flight Instructor


Tom Sun

- Class 3 Flight Instructor
- Multi/IFR Instructor
- Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)


Duncan Rodway

Class 4 Flight Instructor


Daniel Isaac Jun

Class 4 Flight Instructor