(including Multi-engine

and Instrument ratings)

Comprehensive program focusing on obtaining  a CPL license and Multi-Engine,  Instrument and Instructor ratings

About CPL with Multi IFR Program

At Canadian Aviation College, our CPL+Multi+IFR (Group1 IFR) Program offers a comprehensive program ultimately affording you the knowledge and skill level required for you to qualify for a commercial pilot license, a multi-engine rating, an instrument rating and an Instructor rating. 

Graduating students will have all the training, licenses and ratings required to begin the adventure of a career in commercial aviation.

The flight training includes a commercial pilot license (CPL), a Multi-Engine rating, and a Group 1 (MIFR) instrument rating.

Students will receive a college diploma upon successfully completing the program



  • Hold a Canadian Private Pilot License (PPL)

  • Category 1 Medical

  • 18 years old (by the time they have completed the required flight hours and are applying for their CPL)

  • successfully pass an interview with CAC.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course the successful student will have demonstrated: 

  • The ability to safely and effectively plan and execute VFR, Multi-engine, Instrument flights - day or night.

  • The knowledge and ability to pass company and Transport Canada written exams and flight tests.

  • The knowledge and ability to use good judgement and decision making.

Employment / Career

Graduates will have all the licenses and ratings required to begin their career as a pilot with many commercial operations, including airlines.

Course Duration

The Career Pilot Program at Canadian Aviation College spans a period of 60 weeks during which you accrue 235 flight hours.

Delivery Method

Classroom based Ground School, Aircraft sessions, Briefing Room discussions and Flight Training Device (FTD) practice.

Method of Evaluation

In-house quizzes, Transport Canada written exams and Flight tests. The minimum passing grade is 70% for all quizzes and tests.


Course Breakdown

Fees & Expenses

application Fee

Domestic Student - CAD 150.00

International Student- CAD 250.00

Tuition Fee

Domestic Student - CAD 63,250.00

International Students - CAD 63,250.00


Domestic Student - CAD 495.00

International Students - CAD 495.00

Incidental Fees

Domestic Student - CAD 2,230.00

International Students - CAD 2,230.00

  • This costs do not include the PPL

  • Costs do not include taxes and potential fuel surcharges 

  • Costs are estimates based on Transport Canada minimum flight requirements and school program estimates


Disclaimer: This program has been approved by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training.