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Welcome to
Canadian Aviation College

Follow these steps to become a student at Canadian Aviation College

Step 01

Fill out the application form and upload academic transcripts and IELTS score report (if not available, it can be submitted later).

Step 04

The Letter of Acceptance (LOA) will be issued to candidates who pass the interview and medical examination. After paying the deposit, students sign the pilot training program agreement.

Step 02

After submitting the form, skip the fee payment step. You will be notified via email by school if any additional materials are required to your application.

Step 05

Students must apply for a canadian study permit using the LOA and other supporting documents. They are also required to upload their high school diploma, transcript, and passport.

Step 03

Once accepted, you will receive a conditional acceptance letter, which includes interview scheduling, and requirements and deadlines for the medical report.

Step 06

Email the school your departure date, flight number, and visa copy for enrollment and arrival arrangements after booking your flight. Begin your training at Canadian Aviation College!

Application Form:

Online Application Form 
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Upload File
Upload File

Pay  by wire transfer, deposit or credit card:

Students can pay the application and tuition fees by wire transfer, direct deposit or credit card

Click  below to access desired payment method

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