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AME License convertion



  • AME License holder

Required course materials:

  • Online AME basic training Evalution - Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace.

  • AME training materials as per the Evaluation reports.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes:

The student who pass the transport Canada exams will receive Transport Canada AME license. The student who finish their gap training will be:

1. Receive AME technical knowledge and skills.

2. Be ready to work as AME technicians.

Program Duration

Total Program Duration: depend on the gap report from the CCAA online evaluation report. The gap training can be 0 month to 12 months. 

Methods of Evaluation:

Students’ progress in the program is measured by their successful completion of the gap training courses listed in the CCAA evaluation report; a minimum of 70% of the all-course marks as well as each assessment component of the courses is required to successfully complete the program


Course Breakdown

Fees & Expenses

Registration Fee

Domestic Student - CAD 250.00

International Student - CAD 500.00

Tuition Fee

As per the gap evaluation report


As per the gap evaluation report

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