License Conversion Services and Courses for Students holding a Foreign License


License Conversion

1. Conversion of a license to obtain a Canadian PPL

  • Obtaining a Canadian private pilot license is simple if you already have an international aviation license. You must pass a Canadian medical exam by a recognized Transport Canada aviation medical examiner.

  • You must then pass a written exam on Canadian air law (PSTAR exam), and a Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Certificate exam. Canadian Aviation College makes all the necessary services and courses to help students successfully pass these exams.


Canadian private pilot license can be obtained when you make the license request, and meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum of 45 hours of flight;

  • 17 hours of dual flight and 12 hours of solo flight;

  • 5 hours of instrument flight with a maximum of 3 hours on a flight training device (FTD);

  • A 150 nautical mile solo navigation, which includes 2 stops. 


2. Conversion of a Canadian Commercial Pilot License

To convert an international license into a Canadian commercial license, you must make the license request, and meet the following criteria:

  • 200 flight hours total;

  • 100 hours pilot in command (PIC);

  • 10 hours night flying, including 5 hours dual flight and 5 hours solo flight;

  • 20 instrument flight hours, with a maximum of 10 hours in a flight training device (FTD);

  • 20 hours of navigation, including a 300 nautical mile navigation;

  • Pass the CPL written exam;

  • Pass the CPL flight test.


3. Conversion of an International ATPL license to a Canadian ATPL license

To convert an international airline license into a Canadian airline license, you must complete a license request, obtain a class 1 medical from a Transport Canada aviation medical examiner and meet the following criteria:

  • 1500 hours total, including 250 hours pilot in command (co-pilot hours are recognized at 50%);

  • 100 hours night flying, including 25 hours of night navigation;

  • 250 hours of navigation;

  • 75 hours of instrument flying, including a maximum of 20 hours in a flight training device (FTD);

  • Pass the ATPL written exams (SARON/SAMRA) and the IFR written exam;

  • Pass the IFR flight test on a multi-engine aircraft


4. Rating Conversions of an International License (night rating, instrument rating, multi-engine rating)

Canada recognizes the experienced gained abroad while still respecting the Canadian regulations with regard to minimum requirements:

  • Be a holder of a Canadian license;

  • Obtain a Canadian medical;

  • Pass the written exam (if required);

  • Pass the flight test;

  • Complete the rating request form; 

  • Pay the fees related to the request. 


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