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Instructor Rating

This rating enables a Flight Instructor to teach others how to fly.

About the Instructor Rating

The Flight Instructor Rating (FIR) program trains a CPL holder to obtain the Transport Canada Class 4 Flight Instructor Rating. The Flight Instructor Rating permits the CPL holder to teach others how to fly.

Candidates who obtain their instructor rating at Canadian Aviation College (CYPK) will fly from the right seat while training with one of the industry's best class 1 instructors.




  • Valid Canadian Commercial Pilot Licence or ATPL, Category 1 medical

  • Pre-Entry Interview with the CFI 

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course the successful student will / have demonstrate(d): 

  • Using the TC flight instructor guide and applicable manuals

  • How to be a professional flight instructor

  • How to ask good oral questions

  • How to critique in flight and on the ground

  • How to assess a student

  • How to provide demonstrations of air exercises to the CPL standard.

Course Duration

4 Months

Required Course Materials

TC flight Instructor Guide; ▪ Human Factors for Aviation - Instructor's Guide; ▪ PA28 Pilot Operating Handbook; ▪ Ground school and Flight training workbooks with lesson plans; ▪ TC Study and Flight test guides; ▪ VNC and VTA maps; ▪ Canadian Flight Supplement;

Delivery Method

Aircraft / Briefing Room / and Flight Training Device (FTD)

Teaching Methods

Classroom, Guided discussion, One-on-one Instructor-Student in the Aircraft / Briefing Room / and Flight Training Device (FTD)


Fees and Hours

Tuition Fee


Other Fees & Textbook


  • Costs include taxes

  • This is estimated cost only. The actual cost is based on student performance

  • Costs are estimates based on Transport Canada minimum flight requirements and school program estimates

  • *This cost includes a maximum number of instructional hours as listed above. Canadian Aviation College has the right to charge the student the hourly rate for both flight and instructional time beyond this limit.

Disclaimer: This program has been approved by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training. 

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