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Diversity Students

Diploma of English as a Second Language

Learn English in a fun and practical way, start speaking from day one.

About the English as a Second Language Program:

The ESL program offered at Canadian Aviation College promotes excellence in basic to advanced English education: guiding first time speakers with the goal of achieving advanced ability.


A daily class will include tasks as groups projects, video watching, listening to songs, reading and speaking. This program offers complete classes for all skill levels in listening, speaking, writing, and pronunciation.

The instructor uses different pedagogical tools, strategies, and methodologies to incorporate a variety of approaches and techniques to enhance the learning of students while delivering a curriculum that addresses the English Language needs.



  • Have basic level 1 English in Listening & Speaking

  • Pass the Canadian Aviation College entrance exam

Learning Objectives/Outcomes:

At the completion of this program students will be able to demonstrate and achieve the following learning outcomes:


  • Use increased vocabulary

  • Understand basic grammar structures

  • Improve reading and listening comprehension

  • Correspondence, using letters and memos

  • Understand and complete forms and applications

  • Enter career and training certificate, and diploma programs

  • Be prepared for English entrance tests.

Program Duration:

Total Program Duration: 49 weeks total.


Methods of Evaluation:


A minimum of 65% mark for each of the program’s chapter as indicated in “Students Assessment Methods” as well as a minimum of 80% in attendance as indicated in “Attendance


Required course materials:

Materials will be supplied in class.

Delivery Methods:

In-class instruction including seminars, videos, interactive activities and songs.

Course Breakdown
  • Placement Test- Canadian Aviation College will provide the student a placement test that will be evaluated by the instructor.

Brief program description: All instruction throughout the program will be delivered in the English language. In general, the ESL programs promote excellence in basic education instruction and programming. These programs are created to meet the language learning objectives that will include things such as initiatives, group activities, and community site visits. These programs will enhance listening, speaking, writing, and pronunciation skills. The instructor uses different pedagogical tools, strategies, and methodologies to incorporate an overall variety of approaches and techniques to enhance the learning of students while delivering the curriculum that addresses the English language needs.

Beginner I : Students will learn how to greet others and introduce themselves. They will learn the concepts of classification and categorizing. Grammar focus will be simple present/present continuous tenses as well as simple past/past continuous tenses. Students will be able to write basic sentences and understand the relationship between subject/verb/object. Subject/verb agreement will also be focused on. 


Beginner II - Students will continue to focus on verb tenses. More in-depth understanding of the verb tenses, including how and when to use each one. Students will listen for main ideas and details and be able to comprehend the difference. Basic sentence structure will be introduced, such as; passive/active voice and infinitives.

Intermediate I- Students will continue to build on the beginner level grammar in both speaking and written form. Inference will become a major element at this level along with the ability to listen for main ideas and details. Students will be encouraged to make predictions using future tense, be able to express ideas and opinions. Students will also be focusing on writing forms, paragraphs, journals, and point form will be used to demonstrate their understanding of the different forms and when they are to be used.

Intermediate II -Students will learn past perfect/past perfect continuous tense. Building on the previous levels students will broaden their listening and speaking abilities as well as their reading and writing abilities. Students will be expected to speak more in class through vocabulary games with oral conversation practice on varied topics.

Advanced I & II- This module will cover advanced speaking, writing, and listening skills. Advanced English grammar will also be taught. Students will be ready to enter university and get employed. 

Fees & Expenses

Registration Fee

Domestic Student - CAD 150.00

International Student - CAD 250.00

Tuition Fee

CAD 8000.00


Disclaimer: This program has been approved by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training. 

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