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Grade Appeal Policy

Ground Training

A student who fails to meet the attendance requirements in the attendance policy is deemed to have an unsatisfactory progress and must make up the required ground training sessions at an additional cost before a recommendation is to be issued for program completion or the applicable written exam.
Only the Chief Flight Instructor (CFI) or Senior Educational Administrator (SEA) may permit a student to be recommended for a written exam with an unsatisfactory progress record if the student can demonstrate that they meet the knowledge requirements for the ground school course via a summative final exam, at the discretion of the CFI or SEA.

Flight Training
A student who is assigned a grade of 1 on a training exercise is deemed to have an unsatisfactory progress and therefore cannot meet the completion standard of a flight training lesson plan.
If a student does not meet the completion standard or satisfy the objectives of a lesson plan, training must proceed according to the procedure described below.
1. If the number of unsatisfactory items or exercises on the lesson plan are less than or equal to 3, then the primary flight instructor can add these unsatisfactory items to the next applicable dual training lesson plan. This usually means that the lesson plan will be slightly longer.
2. If the number of unsatisfactory items or exercises on the lesson plan are more than 3, the student must repeat the entire lesson plan. If a student has to repeat a lesson plan,the primary instructor has to request authorization to repeat a lesson plan from the CFI. The CFI will authorize the repeat by signing the lesson plan.
A student who wishes to appeal an assigned grade on any assessment should initially speak with the primary course instructor to attempt to understand why the grade was assigned. If the student wishes to formally appeal the grade, the process by which a student may formally appeal a grade received in a course at Canadian Aviation College is as follows:
1. Write a formal letter to the primary course instructor outlining reasons why the assigned grade is being appealed. Allow 7 business days for a response from the instructor.
2. If a response is not received or there is a need to escalate the appeal (i.e. An unfavorable response is received), forward a new written appeal to the CFI/SEA to investigate.
3. Students may directly forward a grade appeal to the CFI/SEA if they so chose.
4. The CFI/SEA will conduct a review and provide the student with a written response within 30 days. Copies of the review report and response will be maintained in the students record file.

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