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UAV  program

Provide  theory and practical operation training of UAV


About UAV  Program

  This course will take you from the beginning (New) to become a skilled operator.


   Training began at the Canadian Aviation Institute, which is located at Pete lawn Airport (cypk) in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


   Graduates will receive all the licenses and additional education in aviation human factors required to become professional pilots.


   The academic part includes the extended research on the details of human factors of unmanned aerial vehicles, which will help to cultivate the basic background knowledge of students' career such as aerial photography.



1. You have a UAV or are about to buy a UAV.

2. Proficient in English or Chinese

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the successful student will have demonstrated: 

  • Capable of safely and effectively planning and executing day or night flying UAVs.

  • UAV related knowledge, good fault judgment ability.

  • Understand the basic principles and tools of artificial intelligence UAV programming.

Employment / Career

Graduates will receive the UAV diploma issued by the University.

Course Duration

The total course time required to complete all UAV programs of the Canadian Aviation Institute is 35 hours and lasts for 3 weeks.

Delivery Method

Online classroom, UAV remote guidance practice or offline practice teaching + answer questions from time to time.

Method of Evaluation


Fly according to the specified flight path (shape) within the specified time, and give a score according to the time, with a pass of 70 points and a full score of 100 points.


Course Breakdown
(Total 35 hours)

Base Program: 

  • Overview of UAV operation interface and function introduction of each button.

  • Conventional takeoff, landing, ascending, descending, circling, forward, backward, left and right flight.

Advanced Program: 

  • All base Program.

  • Industry and Application; structure ;Technical theory ;programming; 

  • Application and model ;Precautions before takeoff ;Care and maintenance;Interface and press xn;Position, return landing;Aerial photography, focal length, ISO, mirror moving skills ;Practical flight and aerial photography;

  • Agricultural and police UAV;Special accessories;Special technology, operation and precautions;Common advanced stunt operations;

Fees & Expenses

base program Fee


advanced program Fee


Military UAV organization Club fee


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