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Flight Attendant

Prepare yourself at Canadian Aviation College to pursue a career in the aviation industry. Using international standards, you will become a highly trained and skilled professional

English as a Second Language

The ESL program offered at Canadian Aviation College promotes excellence in basic to advanced instruction allowing the student to achieve learning objectives that include: reading, writing, understanding and speaking English.


Program for International Students

Enroll today in a foreign experience that will shape your life.

Stage 1
English as a second language.

Learn English in a communicative and interactive environment.

Work closely with instructors to improve understanding and speaking skills in a business setting.

Study fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary, and comprehension skills.

Stage 2
Pick one of our academic or flight training programs.

Choose the academic or flight training program of your preference. As a flight attendant, a pilot, or an aircraft maintenance engineer, you will be able to see the world and get paid for it in a fun and fast paced industry.

Stage 3
Be ready for the work force.


Completing these two stages, you will be a proud Canadian Aviation College Alumni, and will be well prepared to start your professional journey.

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