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CAC Aircraft Maintenance Organization

We are a Transport Canada Approved Maintenance Organization AMO #87-18.

We are very proud of our service quality.

Our team of highly experienced aircraft maintenance engineers are dependable and always aim for a high level of safety and customer satisfaction.


Director of Maintenance, Aircraft Services

Mehran Abshar

Phone: +1 (604) 459-7707


Mehran AME Instructor graduated in Aeronautical Engineering 1978 from England.


40+ years worked as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer on different Types of Aircraft, including American and European Types Helicopters and Specialized on helicopter`s dynamic Component Overhaul, Trained and certified at relevant components Manufacturer such as Bell, Robinson, and Euro-copter Airbus.

List of Services

  • Single-Engine aeroplanes – C-150/152 Series; C-172 Series; C-182 Series, Piper PA-28 Series.

  • Multi-Engine aeroplanes – Piper Seneca PA-34 Series.

  • Annual and Routine Regular inspections.

  • Aircraft Rebuilding.

  • Troubleshooting and Repairs to all makes and models of Aircrafts.

  • Propeller Balancing.

  • Weight and Balance the Aircraft.

  • Magneto Inspection and Repair

  • Pitot Static and Altitude Reporting System Certifications

  • Avionics installations

  • Minor and Major Sheet Metal Repairs

  • Aircraft Upgrade from Private to Commercial

  • Detailing Aircrafts.​

  • Consultation on Fix and Rotary Wings Maintenance.


The CAC AMO is pleased to offer flat rate Annual Inspections for the most popular aircraft on the market today. All inspections go far beyond the minimum requirements required by the regulations. All inspections carried out include:

  • Pre-inspection ground run and equipment checks,

  • Full inspection to annual requirements,

  • Complete aircraft wash after the inspection

Why select CAC AMO

1. The aircraft owner is always in the loop. After the inspection is complete the aircraft owner is contacted, and all the problem areas identified during the inspection are discussed to ensure there are no surprises.

2. AOG services, we provide ongoing trouble-shooting services to all of the private and commercial aircraft in the lower mainland area.

3. The CAC AMO is happy to be able to offer Annual Inspections for private or commercial owners.

Maintenance Inquiry

Customer service is a priority at CAC AMO and we take pride in the fast turn-around time that we offer to our customers.

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