Our Aviation Rules:

    • To provide safe and effective pilot training.
    • To encourage high standards in flying practices among our students, including the promotion of professional-level pilot knowledge and skills
  • To continually develop our training programs to ensure that they meet the highest of standards in the flight training industry, yet maintain an effective and informal learning environment.

Guiding Principles

Canadian Aviation Colllege performs within the highest ethical standards.  We respect the following Guiding Principles and take responsibility for our actions:
Learner-Centred: We provide programming and services that meet the development, employment, and health and safety needs of our students.
Learning-CentredThrough our collaborative teamwork, we strive to achieve ongoing team growth and personal growth, and thus purposefully increase our capacity as an organisation.
Centring on Excellence: We constantly strive to achieve and foster excellence through our actions
Environmental Sustainability: We practice and promote principles that protect and sustain our natural environment.
Innovation: We encourage and support the development of creative initiatives that address opportunities for constructive change.
Partnerships and Community Connections: We believe cooperation with other institutions and organisations is a core approach to achieving desired results for students and stakeholders.
Respect: We treat each person fairly and equitably, acknowledging and valuing individual perspectives and diversity.
Teamwork and Personal Leadership: We encourage collaboration, initiative and respectful communication throughout our academy.

Accountability: We establish and achieve objectives that are cost effective and open to public review.

Critical Success Factors

Students: We attract sufficient numbers of students to justify the educational programs we provide. Students attain the knowledge, skills, abilities and qualifications necessary for employ-ability, transfer-ability, career advancement, personal wellness and social development.  Our programming and services promote the inclusion of Aboriginal cultures and knowledge, and provide a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for students of all cultural backgrounds.

Communities: Members of the communities we serve believe we are contributing significantly toward enriching their level of education and improving their quality of life.
Employees: We have sufficient numbers of qualified, motivated employees.  Our staff members believe the College is a fair, equitable and progressive place to work.
Innovation: We seek creative ways and means to meet the education and training expectations of our strategic partners. We broaden our education leadership role to include ever expanding virtual boundaries.
Labour Market: We are seen as the education and training provider-of-choice to meet the needs of businesses, industry and organisations.
Stewardship and Sustainability: We are responsible stewards of the assets under our administration. We are trusted and respected by our funding partners. We manage the College within its fiscal limits.  Our employees believe they have the appropriate tools readily available for them to do the work.