Tourism and Hospitality Diploma

The Tourism and Hospitality Program includes most of the components required for a successful career in tourism and hospitality; students learn all the different aspects of the tourism and hospitality More …

Flight Attendant

This program is designed for 54 weeks training at the Canadian Aviation College to prepare the student as a flight attendant using an international concept. Today’s flight attendants are highly trained More …

ESL  Program

The ESL programs offered at CAC promotes excellence in basic education instruction (6 levels) and programming and is created to meet the language learning objectives that will include such things as initiatives,   More…

Private Pilot License

To qualify as a Private Pilot, students must undergo two examinations—one is a flight test conducted in an aircraft with an examiner, and the other is a written examination conducted by Transport Canada. More …

Commercial Pilot License

Canadian Aviation College Provide full time ground courses to our CPL students. The integrated courses provide very detail knowledge to help students pass the write and flight exams.  More …

B737 NG Simulator

Prepare our CPL students to be simulate with advance jet airplane. As with a real full motion simulator there is hardware and software. The hardware of our Training Devices is a full metal   More…

Free CPL Open Course

October 30 @ 10:30 am - 3:00 pm

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    2 PPL  Private Pilot License

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    5  ESL  Program Outline

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School of Pilot Training
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School of Hospitality and Tourism
Welcome to the Aviation Industry:

If you want to become a pilot, there is no better time than now! The pilot shortage is real, and minimum flight time requirements the airlines continue to fluctuate. But one fact remains constant: Airlines hire only the most qualified pilots, which means it is important where you are trained.

As a flight attendant student, in this one year program you will train in safety, aircraft systems, emergency drills, emergency equipment. You will leave the program with many helpful credentials to show all the major airlines you’ve got what it takes.